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Including 10 Ways your Story SUCKS if it lacks Poetry... (aka 10 Ways I bet you don't even know you're using it. LOL)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

10 Ways your Story SUCKS if it lacks Poetry

... or at least pales to how great it COULD be...
                                           (aka 10 Ways You Use Poetry Without Noticing.)

Treat Yourself: The Diamond Eyes Trilogy
By AA Bell, first author to win the coveted Hemming Award for Excellence in SF & Fantasy Themes TWICE... 
    [Diamond Eyes 2011, Hindsight 2012]
1)      All psychos "get" poetry - if your bad guy doesn’t know any, or allude to it in his setting/behavior, then 
he’s mediocre; rather ordinary. 
How pale was Hannibal, without Dante?

2)      All despots allude to it, if not by quoting it or writing their own, 
      then by their choice of music or décor.
♥ Quote any Star Trek movie ♥

3)      Poetic Justice - you can’t have it, 
      if you don’t "get" it.
♥ Quote any Great Classic… ♥

Or let’s get specific….

4)      Poetic irony - how good is good without evil?
I'm not afraid of dying. I'm afraid I won't get a chance to LIVE." Mira Chambers, Diamond Eyes

5)      Mastery of Metaphors - they’re the pictures that tell a thousand words, so readers don’t need to plough through stories the long way.
For a deaf stalker, the world is a zoo of mime artists... Freddie Leopard, Hindsight

6)      Diegetic dysentery; if you can’t cut to the core and describe it with sweet succinctness, you have to keep crapping out words and editing out the worst until we’re all sick of it.
"Poetry is nearer to vital truth than history" Hindsight

   7)      Subliminal Subtext - If your characters only ever say what  they only ever mean; there’s no fun in the love scenes. Or in the action, or delivery of sub-plots. For what is a portrayal of real life, without misunderstandings, crossed-lines and double entendres?
Don’t call me Mirage.  My mother only named me that after her sick visions... Hindsight

    8)      Poetic Poignancy; as in jokes and haiku, the most powerful scenes are never long winded. 

His invisible face aligned with his yester-ghost and for the first time she could see her lover as well as feel him… Leopard Dreaming

P9) It's not the words, it's the meanings.

10) It's not the text, it's the feelings. 

  Few can reach across the River of Time and survive beyond the Realm of Death… Diamond Eyes

- AA Bell, Author of the multi-award winning Diamond Eyes Trilogy;              
 #SheSeesThruTime #ScienceFiction #Fantasy #Crime #Romance #Thrillers
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