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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Costumes for Horses and Ponies

There now is a plan for our next movie,
while we wrap up the first, (that's quite groovy),
so we're searching for costumes,
before filming resumes
so our equines can be stylish in onesies;

note; the original onesie from the true story was cute denim jeans with check flannel shirt, but for the film, these are all we can find so far, unless we make it ourselves..?

From SnuggyHoods.com

Snuggy Rugs too..?

a "star" is born...

Have a heart... by Shwmae Products in UK
Keep Moooooving; Daily Mail 
Also by Shwmae 

Giraffe by Shwmae
"Saddles n Such" on Pinterest

Zebra by "All Stitched Up" (very inspiring story!)
"All stitched up" too, I think.

Sporty compression suits by Hidez

Bootcamp team camo's hahaha
and perhaps also one for the director...?
by KCMAustralia

This time the book to be adapted to screen is Fortune's Foal

Children's edition

Current film being wrapped is adapted from Killer Smile

Sunday, June 19, 2016

A Wee Win: Highly Commended Animated Joke

There once was a comp for creators,
That I played with expecting some failures.
But the first joke I cartooned,
showed Mona Lisa lampooned,
which caused the judges to show it their favours...   

So here it is, my "Diva Lisa" on Youtube:

... and here's the second joke which impressed them more highly,
which they commended  with a cash prize, so kindly;

Dragon Tattoo;

To see all the winners; click this forum link,
or for all entries, search youtube with the keywords "crazytalk comedy"